Every Tuesday from 6:30 PM EST to 9:30 PM EST spend some quality time with comedians Davin, Pip Helix, & Joe Currie as they touch on events that effect our region, nation, and world.
Add a constant variety of special guests, unique radio games, and innovative comedy bits and you have three hours that can't be missed. You might learn something but we promise you will be laughing so much you won't even notice.
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Davin is a full time professional comedian who has travelled the world entertaining audiences. After great feedback from radio hosts & their audiences throughout the country for his entertaining banter and quick wit he is now ready to host his own show. Follow Davin on Twitter!
A cross between Jackie Gleason and Archie Bunker, Joe Currie has never been afraid to tell it like it is. When Joe is not on the air you can find him in working the comedy clubs, or behind the Keyboards in the great new band Mcclinton.
Pip Helix is your suburban next-door-neighbor on the outside, and a darkly funny maniac on the inside.  Having dabbled in radio, stand-up comedy and theater, Pip brings a warped female perspective to Davin's Den.

"When we are at the Compound and joined by our pal Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony Show watch us in high def live by clicking the logo below."

TS_TalkSpoken"LIVE" on Tuesday nights 7 till 9pm, EST!

"LIVE" on Tuesday nights from 6:30 PM EST till the end of the show.


Live on Tuesday
 from 6:30 - till the end of the show. Listen to us LIVE!

LIVE" on Tuesday nights 6:30 PM EST
till the end of the show


"LIVE" on Tuesday nights
from 6:30 PM EST till the end of the show

Each week join us for the 'FAT HORSE" Challenge,
Watch as we make Joe Currie eat disgusting things as he works to lose the pounds.
Punishment this good has to be watched!

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